Sennheiser PC350 Pro Gaming headphones
Posted on: 24.11.2008 01:00:00

Moving on to the head rest on the PC 350, I was even so pleased to see that Sennheiser added plenty of padded to this area, around the same amount as the ear cups which by there standards plenty. This design installed to fully adjustable with just the right amount of flex to it so it fits over and around your head without outing any pressure to this area. What so makes this type of head rest work at its best is the headset doesnít weight that much so you donít get any weighing down pressure across your head either, making for a much more comfortable fit.

Hereís a close up of all that padding which sits against your head and I was delighted to see that this material wasnít just stuck on like many other headsets I reviewed in the past, this headset band was been positioned inside the head rest so falling off will never be an issue with the PC 350 set. outstanding quality!

Like all headsets the headband is fully adjustable, many have numbers printed to this area but Sennheiser have left it blank of all symbols keeping the overall sleek look throughout. Adjustment range from quite small to bigger then average, I would say to about 12 inches to achieve your comfort zone and there is a reassuring clicking noise from adjustment to adjustment which also has a great sliding movement to it.

The only other logo Sennheiser have added to this headset is across the head rest itself, again in a silver text format for that statement bold look but in a much bigger font size that has been used on the ear cups. I do enjoy it when manufactures position there logos in this area for when the user has the headset around there neck and I much prefer the logo to be printed onto the plastic material rather then stuck on, this way Sennheiser have achieved a sleek looking logo that has a long lasting finish.

A gaming headset wouldnít be complete without a built-in microphone and Sennheiser have done a smashing job on the one installed on the PC 350. It has been designed to fit in nicely with the overall styling of the headset so they have made it big and chunky so it wouldnít look out of place sitting up against the larger ear cups. The microphone has been solidly attached to have a robust feel to it and there is some adjustment to play with to suit your needs, no clicking sound was present, just a smooth motion in your hand.

The large microphone is covered in two parts, one to match the paint effect of the headset and the other in a matt black for your adjustment needs. The microphone is designed on the larger side so it rest away from your face so not getting in the way of food and drink which can be important to avid gamers.

Normally you would find a plastic or foam end here which can look tacky but Sennheiser have done a wonderful job as shown above. Each section has been cut out of the frame work that feel secure and solid to reveal the black grill inside and this has been continued on not only the side that your month specks into but on the other side as well, really adding to the quality of the headset.

The In-line control housing is much the same in build quality so Sennheiser have gone for a tough and secure unit in a matt black with every button positioned to the facer of the unit for instant access. A really light feeling unit that doesnít drag down on the wire and there isnít an LED in sight which is a change as many manufactures place them hear to indicate the headset is active.

Sennheiser have kept things simple and just added the buttons you need, Mute on/off and Volume control wheel, which has a silver bar that comes up or down depending which way you turn it.

Positioned on the back of the control unit is the only other logo on the headset, in silver again in a deceit place that not many would see once attached.

Another feature that I liked about the PC 350 is the gold plated headphone and microphone jack, not much but itís worth a mention to show you are getting real quality your getting throughout the headset.

So overall the Sennheiser PC 350 headset has literary taken me to a new level in design and build quality aspects, Sennheiser have really pulled together and listened to what gamers really what from there headset and have achieved this in the PC 350 headset. Some of the design qualities in this headset like the large ear cups and extra long cable length, I think three meters worth and you wonít find the same quality in another gaming headset. Now for the biggest test of all, how they sound, so letís get on with it shall we.

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