Seagate 5.0GB Pocket Hard Drive
Posted on: 30.01.2005 01:00:00

Overall though I found the drive a joy to use and think that a lot more professionals that need over 1.5 gig of portable storage will now want to get involved and buy one as the 2.5 gig or 5 gig will be ideal for them as well as the normal public that will now be able to transfer file between PCís, friends and family. It also saves me updating my review software ect to disk as when somethingís updated I just have to throw the updated one on and remove the old rather than burning a new disk.
Nice easy and convenient. It took its time but now you can get more that 1.5 gigs In a pocket drive they will now appear to the wider range of people and uses. I know quite a few producers that havenít a pocket drive because the sizes available where just not big enough. But now Seagate has opened an option for them. Another quality product from Seagate.


Nice Design

Ease of use

No extra cables

2 meg cache

what can I say 5 gigs

can be used as a boot drive

ideal for large data use



Review by R.bowzer

Thanks to Seagate for supplying the drive for review

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