Seagate 5.0GB Pocket Hard Drive
Posted on: 30.01.2005 01:00:00

Taking the device out the box you will find the included software, nice and useful should you accidentally take it off the drive it self (you can run the software tools direct from drive), more on the software later first letís get a proper look at the drive.

The device has a round like shape and reminds me of a UFO a bit, for those of you state side a better description would be a ice hockey puck (although not as big). It is also nice and light and you could forget it was in your pocket quite easily, I know where is the connection? Before we move on to that let me show you the true size of this by putting it next to a 80mm (8cm) fan for comparisons.

As you can see the device is small being a few mm thinner and smaller, this not only makes it really small but sets it as a milestone. Who else on the market has a 5 gig USB2 drive this size, the connection part† of the device is excellent as well, here let me show you.

You can see the connection is hidden in the disk and by rotating the black central bezel clockwise the connector will become visible. Getting the connector out is easy with it being a simple case of lifting the USB connector out and gently continue to rotate the black bezel more.

Thatís it, the drive is now ready to be plugged in itís as simple as that. No more burning disk for massive file just plug and go,

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