Sapphire HD4850 512MB Video Card
Posted on: 12.11.2008 01:00:00

ATI have done very well with the 4850 and Sapphire has done just as well with the implementation of the card and bundle. Sapphire’s 4850 can be found for around £110 online which while not the cheapest 4850 is one of the lower priced 4850’s out there. When combined with the decent bundle of parts and software it makes this good value for money in terms of the 4850’s out there.

When I first saw the 4850 I was worried that the single slot cooler would be very loud and whiny, but actually using it I found it to be very quiet indeed. In actual fact it was so quiet I wondered if something was up with it. It turns out that the fanspeed was set very low (by design), which was great for my ears, but was causing the card to run too warm for my liking. The card was in fact idling around 80oC, and loading around 95oC. ATI have said that this is normal behaviour for the 4850 and will work fine like this, but for my peace of mind I’d want the fan to run a little faster and keep the card cooler. There is in fact a way to manually set the fan speed through the Catalyst Control centre, so Google around if you are worried about the high temperatures and want to do something about it.

The 4850 is set to play against Nvidia’s 9800GTX+ in the graphics card market and does so very admirably. While the 9800GTX+ does just edge out the 4850 in overall game performance, the 4850 is at least £25 cheaper, which is a tidy little saving.

The 4850’s price to performance ratio has impressed me so much that I think it deserves our platinum award.



Reality Check: The Sapphire HD4850 might not be the fastest card out there, but it is definitely sat in the sweetspot of price to performance. If you are looking for an upgrade it is well worth getting.

Reviewed by Dan

Thanks to Sapphire for supplying the card for review

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