Sanberg USB+eSATA (133-49) Docking Station
Posted on: 08.05.2009 01:00:00

I have tested a couple of items from Sandberg now and I have to say they seem to be up there with the competition but nothing really stands out as great. This docking station was pretty much on par with my expectations. The USB performance is as I would have expected and is comparable to other caddies and docking stations I have reviewed. The E-Sata performance was acceptable but a little erratic compared to the same drive connected to an internal Sata connection so I can only assume the Sandberg docking station was the cause. Thankfully Sandberg have included a E-Sata to internal Sata pci plate so even those who donít have E-Sata as standard can enjoy the boost in speed it provides and donít have to use USB too much.

I have to admit though the software I was more than a little disappointed with, parts of it are ok with the Sandberg docking station connected via the E-Sata but arguably the main part of the software, the ďone touchĒ backup section couldnít see it and I had to use it via the lower performing USB.

If you must have a docking station with one touch backup then this is definitely worth a look, its performance is comparable with the competition and is only really let down by one aspect of the software, which maybe out of Sandbergs control anyway.

At around £40, which seems to be the price from what I can tell searching the web, itís a little more expensive than other similar hardware BUT they donít appear to offer one touch backup and may not come with a pci adapter so you might be paying extra for that.



Reality Check: Want easy backups to multiple drives? Then the Sandberg Hard Drive Docking Station could be just what you want.† Due to the price and the software letting it down a bit I feel I have to award the Sandberg Hard Drive Docking Station a GOLD award.

Reviewed by Mac

Many thanks to Sandberg for providing the Docking Station for review.

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