Sanberg USB+eSATA (133-49) Docking Station
Posted on: 08.05.2009 01:00:00

Opening the box we find the docking station extremely well protected with plenty of packing material, so well protected you can’t even see it.

Removing the packaging we get to the main contents, but before looking at that I’ll look at the included accessories first. Included in the box, in a separate compartment in the bottom we find the following: -

The user guide, warranty information and a CD, which I presume, contains the backup software.

Also in the box we have the mains cables, yes plural, as there are indeed a European 2pin and UK 3pin mains cable provided. Which kind of surprised me somewhat as I normally hardware only comes with one.

Next are the data cables.

The E-Sata cable neatly rolled up and in a resealable bag.

Also included is a USB cable, in a non resealable bag, for those with older, non-Sata, systems.

Also Sandberg have thoughtfully included a Sata to E-Sata pci panel so if your system doesn’t have E-Sata as standard but does have Sata on the motherboard you can still enjoy the benefits of the E-Sata connection on the docking station.

Finally, before moving onto the docking station, is the power supply, which is very reminiscent of a laptop power “brick”.

Ok onto the docking station itself.

My first impression of the docking station once I remove it from its plastic bag is its very light, this hopefully wont be a problem though as it has a nice large base so should be pretty stable. It comes in a rather fetching black and silver colour scheme, so will probably appeal to most people who are likely to need something like this. On the front, along with the Sandberg logo is a large silver back up button. There is a support for the larger desktop drives which can only be used once the small plastic adapter is removed.

Personally I would have preferred some sort of trap door style mechanism as I can see this adapter being easily lost making the use of laptop drives somewhat precarious without it. We also find a small activity led.

Moving around the back we have all of the connections, USB / Sata and power, all very clearly labelled and we also have the power switch.

The bottom of the docking station has 4 rubber feet, so these should stop it from slipping around on the desktop.

Inside the docking station are the all important Sata power and data connections, again as seems to be the norm with these types of equipment there is nothing to protect them from general day to day dust and dirt, which surprises me as by their very nature they aren’t designed to have something plugged in 24/7. I hasten to add this isn’t just the Sandberg unit I am looking at today, I have seen a couple and all suffer the same “issue”.

That’s about all I can show you on the Sandberg docking Station, lets get it installed and do some testing.
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