Sanberg USB+eSATA (133-49) Docking Station
Posted on: 08.05.2009 01:00:00

Specifications / contents as taken from the Sandberg website.



It makes a change to see a hard drive docking station / caddy say it will take ANY capacity drive, I assume this is because they seem to be increasing in capacity every day. I also assume it will take any speed be it a slower laptop drive or a 10k Raptor. It has all the connections one would expect of good external docking station in that you can connect via E-Sata or USB. It’s also good to see it is compatible with both Sata1 and Sata2.

What is VERY pleasing to see is the fact that Sandberg even supply a Sata to E-Sata adapter so even if your motherboard / case doesn’t have an E-Sata port on it you can still reap the benefits, as long as it does have a spare Sata port on the motherboard. As usual with an external drive “enclosure” that has one touch backup the necessary software is included. All the data cables are provided too, no less than I would expect if I were brutally honest.

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