Sanberg USB+eSATA (133-49) Docking Station
Posted on: 08.05.2009 01:00:00

Before moving on here is a little more info about Sanberg from their website.

Sandberg A/S is a Danish company with a clear ideology: We want to make it easier to get hold of computer accessories. Everyone should be able to find the right accessories in the shop and get them to work once they've got them home without the need for specialist knowledge.

The basic idea of Sandberg wanting to make things easier for both consumers and dealers has imbued the spirit of everything that Sandberg has done since 1985, when the two brothers Martin Hollerup and Erling Hoff Petersen founded the company.

Sandberg makes it easier...

To live up to our ideology of making things easier, our daily focus is on providing help at every stage of the process that people go through when a new piece of equipment needs to be bought and installed. Our starting point is the ordinary user. This means that as a rule of thumb, technical details and other "nerd stuff" is in small print at the bottom, whilst our clear guide in plain English will help the ordinary user.

We provide you with as many safety nets as possible.

• The products are intuitively easy to use.

• We choose technologies that are compatible with as many different pieces of equipment as possible.

• The user guides are instructions in plain English on how to use the device. There are no long-winded explanations of what the product consists of. Quite the opposite in fact; each user guide always tells you the quickest way to get started. Sandberg user guides also often tell you how to set up your computer so that the device can work properly in a network situation, for example.

• You can always call the Sandberg Hotline. It's free, apart from the standard call rate.

• In spite of Sandberg's very strict quality and performance inspections at the production stage, on very rare occasions problems can occur with a product after a certain amount of use. Should you be unfortunate enough to experience this, you will be covered by the full 5-year warranty on all Sandberg products.

For this review I will be looking at a new product from a company that until recently I was unfamiliar with. The product in question is a hard drive docking station with USB and E-sata and the manufacturer is Sandberg.

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