Saitek Eclipse Keyboard
Posted on: 31.12.2005 01:00:00

Well where do I start the Saitek Eclipse is probability the best keyboard I have used the key response is perfect so is the excellent build quality, Saitek have only used the best materials for the eclipse and it shows in the finished product being able to take nearly a seven foot fall and not even lose a key is impressive in anybodies book, not only that it has a backlit system that should have been completed years ago. As I said earlier in this review choosing a keyboard is a personal thing and one mans Gold is another mans poison but I would recommend to anyone looking for a board to take a look at the Saitek before any other. When Bowzer (rchiileea) said the Saitek gaming keyboard was the best keyboard he had used for gaming I had some doubts but after using this they are still there as I reckon this is :P

Button Responsiveness
Excellent Build Quality
Fully Backlit
No Wireless Option
Lack Of Shortkeys

Reviewed by VMan

Thanks to Saitek for supplying the keyboard

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