Saitek Eclipse Keyboard
Posted on: 31.12.2005 01:00:00

• Three lighting levels: High / Low / Off
• Volume control / Mute
• Adjustable keyboard angle
• Adjustable wrist rest
• Black finish and silver keys with laser-cut lettering.
Well as you can expect the specifications list isn’t very long but that more that most keyboards can boast. There are a few features that Saitek have not listed for some reason or another, one is the weight of the board I am not sure exactly how much it does weight but it is a least but it is not far off 1KG which is very heavy for a keyboard, the reason I think this is a feature is most keyboards rely on rubber feet to hold them in position where as the Saitek cannot be moved by accident easily, the other feature that I am dumbfounded Saitek haven’t listed is the button responsiveness the feel is hard to describe apart from perfect (on a gaming point of view) the are smooth but have a good press resistance so you cant press a button by mistake the best I have used so far.

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