Saitek Eclipse Keyboard
Posted on: 31.12.2005 01:00:00

When I received the Saitek eclipse Keyboard I please that they had gone to some efforts to make the package appealing which is unusual indeed, this package made you want to open it so I did.

The keyboard was nicely protected and that when I got my first glance I liked the shape and colour but was disappointed that it didnít have a skip forward and back for my music it did have the sound +/-/mute keys and another button which I didnít recognise at first, apart from these extra buttons the layout is the same as any other keyboard which makes you start thinking what makes this any different apart from the shape.

Thatís when I took another look at the keyboard and saw (backlit keyboard with illuminated keys) which is pretty hard to miss unless you are me of course, so thatís what makes it a gaming keyboard as every gamer knows the graphics look better when the lights are off but you always press the wrong buttons at the wrong moment forcing you to put the lights back on.

So what do I think about the keyboards presentation, not the best but for a keyboard it pretty darn good and the actual board arrived in one piece and thatís always a good sign.

lets move onto the specs

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