Roccat Tusko Monitor Bag
Posted on: 14.07.2009 01:00:00

The Roccat Tusko actually looks quite a nice piece of kit; here we can see the straps that hold the monitor in place, with the main load bearing straps down the front and two smaller ones that stop the monitor sliding out the edges on the side. The Shoulder strap is stored neatly in the pocket in the middle of the picture if you donít want to use it and instead use the (fairly comfy) thick rubber/plastic handle on the top.

The other side of the Tusko has two straps down the front and two elasticated mesh pockets for securing a keyboard, mouse and possibly another small peripheral along with your monitor.

Opening the Roccat Tusko reveals a large padded surface, complete with internal plastic re-enforcement to protect your monitor when in transit.

Well, that wraps up the physical layout, so letís get on to testing.

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