Roccat Tusko Monitor Bag
Posted on: 14.07.2009 01:00:00

Until recently I had never heard of Roccat, but rather co-incidentally the same day my editor told me about them a friend informed me he was getting one of their gaming mice, so having only just looked them up that day I was able to sound all knowledgable about who they are!

Truth be told, besides from what they make and do in terms of LAN events, trying to find out who they are from their website is challenge, there’s a whole section on their website about some fake science expedition and a discovery of a substance called “Aimo”, complete with video diary from one of the ‘scientists’. The most coherent section about them I could find is under the heading “Codex”:

“Uusi lumi on vanhan surma. The fresh snow will be the death of the old one – an elder Finnish wisdom.

ROCCAT™ is the snow storm to the gaming industry. Everything called gaming before needs to be redefined. You will enter a world in which three attributes will keep you on the right path: alliance, independence and truth.


– this is the statement ROCCAT follows.

The ROCCATEERS can be found all over the world. And it was a revelation which led them together to energize the crucial benefit. The lake Inari long kept the secret our ROCCAT scientists call "Aimo". With every ROCCAT tool you will more and more internalize its Energy. Become part of our alliance.

There is one thing you can be sure of: the secret is not revealed yet.
Join ROCCAT on the trace. Aimo was only the beginning...”

Yes, that censored quote is Roccat’s official mission statement, and is uncensored on their website! There aren’t many companies that have swearing in their mission statement, and it sure sets an interesting tone for Roccat.

Today we are reviewing the Roccat Tusko, which is a shoulder carry bag for flatscreen monitors, with the intention it be used for taking them to and from LAN events.

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