Ricoh Caplio 8.2 megapixel Camera
Posted on: 31.12.2005 01:00:00


Founded in 1936 in Tokyo, Japan, Ricoh currently earns over $17 Billion in annual sales with 75,000 employees and offices in over 150 countries. They are a global leader in digital office solutions, contributing to the success of businesses in every corner of the world.

For nearly 70 years, Ricoh has been helping businesses do business better. they build and service the machines you rely on to help your organization function smoothly and efficiently. Photocopiers, printers, fax machines, optical disk drives and media, digital cameras and electronic devices form the Ricoh range.

For much of their history they have been ranked Number One by the world's most demanding customers, the Japanese. Every year since 1994, they achieved consecutive record highs in net profits, repaying the support of our loyal global investors. Over the same period, the adoption of resources conservation and environmental protection as a central tenet of the Ricoh corporate mission has reaped  benefits in greater efficiencies while winning plaudits for global citizenship. In 2002 Ricoh became the first Asian winner of a World Environment Center Gold Medal for achievement in sustainable development.

But their proudest boast is the  success at ground level, the service built into every machine that Ricoh sells anywhere in the world. We call it 'oyakudachi' or "walking in the customer's shoes". It's means anticipating needs, responding fast, building trust.

"Customer satisfaction is more important than money. We've learned that by getting customer satisfaction right - through high reliability and excellent service - inevitably sales and profits grow" Ricoh Group President and COO Masamitsu Sakurai.

Today we have the opportunity of looking at one of there Digital Cameras the 8.2 million pixel Caplio GX8 Digital camera, now normally we wouldn’t be looking at digital cameras at this end of the scale as normally they come with a price to match. However the Caplio GX8 is in that end of the scale but without the price, averaging a street price of 300 GBP and 500 euros it is signifently cheaper than other 8.2 MP cameras that are on the market today. Does that mean the features have been cut. Well that’s what we are here to find out.

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