Raptoxx RT-450w v2.PSU
Posted on: 31.12.2005 01:00:00

Test machine:




Athlon  3000 Barton (2.1ghz)


Abit nF7-S v2


1024mb Corsair XMS Dual Channel 400mhz


Sapphire Radeon 9800pro 256mb

Hard Drive

Seagate Baracuda V SATA 80gb


Four 12" cathodes


Wireless netcard

20x4 Matrix Orbital

The system is cooled by a custom danger den watercooling rig, this system is independently powered. Support cooling is from four 5v Akasa 80mm fans and a 120mm Vantec stealth fan running from a Silverstone eudemon. The control results are from an Antec True Power 330w, low wattage, but with a 22amp single 12v rail.

As I predicted, installation was very simple in my Coolermaster 201b, the cables were almost leaping out of sight behind the unit. I did find the screw holes on it's back plate leave a little to be desired, that is, they're a little thin. I would not recommend installing this PSU in a case without a good PSU cage. My Antec is made of thicker metal that would support its own weight much easier.

The noise output was negligible, and to my delight, it did not start creeping up under load either. I like my computer when it is quiet, but thermal fans have a habit of creeping up as the night goes on and by the time you are closing down, they are blaring. The budget ADDA fan is staying put on a low speed. The airflow is also pleasing, instead of peppering the housing with holes and vents, Raptoxx put a 120mm vent on the bottom, and the square vent at the back, that's it, so the unit was drawing a cool airflow right out of the computer case, keeping the wind noise low, and the case temperatures nice and low as well.

I am scrutinizing the 12v rails on idle and load. The computer will boot from a cold start and remain idle for half an hour, then it will run 3DMark 05 for half an hour.

Results are being recorded with motherboard monitor 5 in logging mode.

I have always had firm faith in my Antec, but against all my subtle jibes earlier on, the Raptoxx is right off the marks. At Idle it's main 12v rail is sitting on the 12v marker, although fluctuating slightly, it's not under powering at all, compared to the Antec, which is pushing below at 11.8v.

As soon as we get 3D mark running, the Antec starts struggling, dipping down as low as 11.73. The Raptoxx has sat still, but it has settled at 11.97, which I am not going to argue with at all. Quite shocking results really!

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