Raptor Gaming M1 mouse and P1 mouse mat
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Well installing a mouse is childís play and you would be hard pressed to find a person unable to complete this task, I wont bore you with the details but in a short you have to plug the USB connector into a spare USB port on your computer there finished,

One mouse installalled and as you might have guessed mouse mats donít need to be installed so lets move onto the important partÖ.testing

Testing a mouse is not as easy as you might and I will not be going into depth about dpi (dots per inch) and resolutions but I will give you a quick overview, basically dpi is how many times your mouse takes a measurement over a certain distance the higher the dpi the faster and accurate your mouse will move over that distance, this can be both a help and a hindrance as the faster the mouse moves the harder it becomes to control, resolution comes into play as the higher your resolution the more dots per inch on screen which as you might have guessed makes your mouse slower.

So now you know what dpi does and effect your screens resolution has on it I will be testing the mouse on three different platforms 1) In game 2) Web browsing 3) Applications (PhotoShop & 3ds Max), I will be testing the M1 Raptor at 1024-768/1280-1024/1600-1200 on all 3 platforms.

I have been gaming since I was 5 and have grown up with computer games throughout my life, I was a consol player until about 7 years ago when I got my first job after leaving school I decided to invest in a computer for work above other things, I was then that I was draw into PC gaming with classics like unreal tournament and Team Fortress for half-life, back then gaming mice where non-existent and the best you could hope for was something like this:

Well maybe not so bad, although my first mouse didnít have a wheel or a third button, anyway that seems an age ago now and thankfully mice are no longer seen as thoughts pesky thing that keeps getting stuck and need endless cleaning, now the humble PC mouse has a billion dollar industry behind it and all are fighting for a piece of the pie, so this brings us back to the M1 Raptor, for the game test I will be playing Counter Strike Source as I said earlier in 1024-768/1280-1024/1600-1200 resolution, before I continue I would like to talk about the previous mice I have used in the past.

The only mouse that really changed how I play style was the Microsoft intelli mouse which was light weight allowing me to control the mouse with my fingers. Since the intelli I have been trying to use the Saitek Gaming mouse that after a successful review here and a successful competition I was convinced to buy one but have been finding it hard to adjust to the weight of the mouse which it considerably heavier than the intelli.

It also has to be in contact with the mat at all time where as the intelli could be lifted slightly and still feel responsive, because of these weight and response issues I have been on the look out for a new mouse that is similar to the intelli but with todayís advanced technology, and so cue the M1 Raptor.

The M1 is considerably similar to the Microsoft intelli, not in looks as the Raptor wins hands down nor in responsiveness as once again the raptor is far superior. Where the two mice are alike is all down to the weight, the raptor is even lighter than the intelli as it is slightly smaller, because of the extremely light weight I can use my thumb to control the horizontal movement of the mouse.

This is hard to do with heavy mice as they often donít move in a straight line and as any online player know this can make the difference between winning or losing, where as the M1 Raptor can be moved with precision and ease another similarity between the intelli and Raptor is the position of the sensor the raptor is positioned like so:

Where as the Saitek and many other big brands have the sensor positioned horizontally this is not a problem on a desktop scenario but whenever I have used a mouse with it sensor positioned at such an angle in game I have noticed that the mouse will not move is a straight vertical line and will either move slightly up or down whereas the raptor and many other mice with the sensor positioned vertically I have not had this problem occur.

As for the resolution tests the raptor performs well at 1024-768 and also 1280-1024 at 1600-1200 there was a notable speed decrease ad I had to again adjust the mouse settings in the game options, this I would say is outstanding, considering that this mouse retails for under 20 pounds I think you would be hard pressed to find another mouse which offers you 1600dpi response timings with the quality of the materials and construction.

There are downsides to the Raptor of course, as I mentioned earlier I think it is a little small and I still have not changed my mind also the lack of buttons is going to be a big problem. People want lots and lots of buttons, the more the better and the M1 Raptor is seriously lacking in that department I just donít understand why a simple thumb button was left out, it would have improved the mouse tenfold and Raptor gaming would probably have sold more units in the long run.

There is another problem that I hinted at earlier the cable being so long it gets tangled and well is a pain to untangle I am not a fan of coreless mice because of the weight issues they are extremely heavy so I stick to the old fashioned corded variety which donít have massive batteries weighing them down.

I would like to see a adjustable cable so that you can keep the cord free of other wires and from getting caught in tight corners. the wheel is of good quality, it has a good button resistance making it hard to accidentally scroll at the least opportune moment, but not so much as to hinder you during game play.

The next test I will be making is still in game but with Raptors High Polymer mouse mat I tested the M1Raptor without the mouse mat because they are sold separately

The first thing you will notice wit this mat is the mouse speed increase and the extremely smooth surface there is hardly any resistance between the mouse and board I think this has a lot to do with the Teflon pads supplied with the mat and also the mouse itself.

Once I was in game the speed increase was dramatic I had to turn the in game mouse sensitivity lowest setting and I still had problems controlling the mouse so much that I found it next to impossible to aim as the slightest movement would knock it off target once more, in the end I had to adjust my mouse sensitivity in windows to slow the extreme responsiveness down,

I also noticed that although stated in the specifications list that this pad is compatible with all commonly used mouse types I tested this feature and it is false I have tried 3 different mice on the Raptor pad and not one works I donít know whether this is because of the type of sensor used or some other factors but if you are considering to purchase the Raptor Gaming P1 then be aware of this problem.

So overall I think the pad does what it says and then some, to the point where it is over sensitive even at stock mouse sensitivity settings this can be a good or bad thing considering your playing style plus the fact that it doesnít work on all mice makes this hard to recommend.

File and Web Browsing
Well a mouse is a mouse whether its for gaming or desktop use they all get used for browsing your files and the web and I am sad to say that the Raptor has many problems on this front firstly again the lack of buttons there are no forward and back buttons forcing you to click on the icons another problem is the extreme responsiveness.

This is not a problem in itself as you soon get used to the increased speed, but it is needless as Raptor could have easily placed a dpi switcher and then there would be no problem. I suppose this falls into the above category but I think it is a separate issue, it is not a bad though as again the good construction and quality materials used give you a pleasant hand position the scroll wheel is also very good and has a nice smooth movement for fine scrolling.

What do I mean by applications well basically programmes like Photoshop and 3ds max which require precise movements and good response times, as a user of Photoshop I can tell you a good mouse is a must, you want good results and here again the raptor struggles, the lack of buttons is not the problem this time it is rather the speed and weight of the mouse. You might think I am contradicting myself in saying this but I personally think that a heavier mouse is easier to use because you can be more precise because the weight give you a resistance.

I think the M1 Raptor could have solved this issue but adding a dpi switch allowing you to at least the ability to adjust the speed without going into your OS mouse settings and the weight issues could be adjusted to but as things stand now the raptor is to responsive and turning the mouse sensitivity up and down does become tiresome.

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