Raptor Gaming M1 mouse and P1 mouse mat
Posted on: 31.12.2005 01:00:00

Features & Specification

M1 Raptor Gaming Mouse

The RAPTOR-GAMING M1 with itís resolution up to 1600 dpi enthusiasts every gamer through itís precision. The ergonomically right-hand design combines perfectly a swinging form with maximum of comfort and optimum control.

There is an additional set of mouse sliders with anti-adhesive function delivered with the professional mice, which provide precise and fast mouse movements.

A resolution of 1600 dpi provides pixel-exact precision and enormously short response times. You get a set of additional mouse sliders for extreme smooth gliding control.

The RAPTOR GAMING M1 can be steered softly and precisely. The small weight supports fast reactions.

The Soft-Touch surface feels pleasantly and offers excellent grip.

Technical details:

Delivery Content:

Hardware- and Software requirements:

Power-Tuning for your Gamer-Mouse

With the RAPTOR-GAMING P1 you will tune your Mouse and put the turbo gear into work. Without fluffing, dirtyness or fray out on the surface. This specially developed mousepad for the Pro-Gamer delivers speed pure. For fast reactions, short moves and a very precise targeting accurracy. This safes you energy for the next "Death-Match" and relieves your wrists.

The perfect fit to the needs of Pro-Gamer. The structured surface-coat delivers optimized sliding characteristics for all types of current mice. The friction-restistance is minimized and the big surface rest and the first class sliding characteristics deliver highest precision and pixel-precise movements. The non-sliding underside brings safe stability and the pad is robust and scratch resistant.

Technical details:

Not a very big spec list as you can expect but I am glad to see an additional set of Teflon mouse pads (Mousesliders) as these become lost easily and also wear out over time, I was also surprised at the length of the USB cable which is around 8ft long I was not sure weather this would be and asset or a hindrance as cables long cables become tangled but on the other hand it could help with keeping the cables neatly wrapped with say a cable tie so I was keeping an open mind for the time being, as for the mouse pad I am surprised at the large spec list and my eyes nearly popped out when I saw that it was 100% recyclable impressive to say the least. Now we have taken a look at the specs lets move onto the physical layout

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