Raptor Gaming M1 mouse and P1 mouse mat
Posted on: 31.12.2005 01:00:00

Raptor have to in my opinion a wonderful job on there packaging it is basic environmentally friendly and you also get a metal tin to store bits and bobs in, the card covering is well designed.

It also has some detailed specifications printed on the back that are easy to understand and informative.

Upon opening the box I was shocked to find no plastic had been used only card hopefully we will see more companies taking some responsibility for the waste that we throw away daily, anyway enough of that, the mouse was secure and in perfect condition proving that card can be used In place of plastic, if I had one complaint about the package it would be the size of the metal tin, considering the tiny mouse it contains I’m sure raptor could have saved themselves a small fortune just by ordering smaller boxes, apart from that miniscule complaint I think raptor gaming have done a first class job on there package and hopefully we will see more of the same I the future.

The Mouse Pad is sadly a different matter it comes with a similar design but comes wrapped in a plastic coating although it is necessary to hold the spec sheet in position.

I think some more thought could have gone into the packaging although the design is again simple but stylish…

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