Raptor Gaming M1 mouse and P1 mouse mat
Posted on: 31.12.2005 01:00:00

Welcome to another XtremeComputing hardware review today as you might have guessed already is one of Raptor Gamings new range of mice appropriately named the M1 Raptor, Raptor gaming is a German company that seems to be relatively new or under reconstruction as there official site looks to still be undergoing construction plus the fact there is little to no info posted about themselves in the news column would lead me to that conclusion,

Raptor Gaming are a company aimed at the gaming market creating gaming products such as LAN hubs, Mice, Keyboards and High polymer mouse mats, they are also looking to expand into the headset market but I have yet to see any there finished products in that department (watch this space),

Raptor gaming also sponsor LAN events across the world and have recently backed a team of professional gamers known as mym or meetyourmakers, they where also the first company to release a optical mouse with weight adjustment and 2400dpi.

With that kind of background and a top team using there equipment there must be something special about their products so lets get on with the review and find out.

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