Posted on: 10.08.2009 01:00:00

ProLimaTech are a company whose name has only recently become recognised within the enthusiast community. This recognition is earned though, as we have proved today, ProLimaTech certainly have the brains and ability to produce really really good products. The Megahalems is a welcome competitor to the market, and I would imagine, will be hard to beat, should any new competition come its way. On a personal note; I look forward to ProLimaTechs future products!



Reality Check: The ProLimaTech Megahalems demands a premium price above some competition; however with the premium price comes a premium product – if you want one of the most effective heatsink available, the Megahalems should definitely be on the top of your list!

Reviewed by Jim

Thanks to ProLimaTech for supplying the cooler for the review

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