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The refined & reserved look of the outside of the box is continued inside, upon opening, you can see that other than sufficient protection for the heatsink, there isn’t much on show. Under the cardboard flap to the left of the heatsink itself is a plastic accessory bag, in there are the back plates etc. On the left hand side of the photo you can see the user manual and protective foam.

Here you can see pretty much everything which is packaged within the box – The Megahalems itself, along with the instruction manual and the accessory bag. The heatsink is protected by bubble-wrap, and also protective foam at each side, and down its middle.

The Megahalems is a very big heatsink – featuring 6 U-Shaped heatpipes, the refined look of the packaging is shared with the heatsink itself – there are no sharp edges or manufacturing defects, the heatsink had a very sturdy and well built feel. The gap in the middle of the Megahalems is uncommon with CPU heatsinks, as most companies would probably argue that having a gap like that will reduce the effectiveness of the heatsink, however, bearing in mind ProLimaTech’s rumoured background, I’m sure that this is well thought out.

The Megahalems doesn’t seem to have a specific back or front – fans can be mounted on either side (but only 1 set of clips is included).

Here you can see the 12 ends of the 6 u-shaped heatpipes. ProLimaTech have put a design on the fins of the Megahalems, but unlike competitor’s heatsink designs, these don’t seem to be overly specific to the company, but do have quite a professional appeal to them. I am somewhat reminded of “Transformers” when I look upon the design!

The base of the heatsink is nickel plated copper which should allow for an even contact with the CPU, compared to direct-contact-heatpipe heatsinks. The design seen on top of the heatsink is also on the bottom fin, I think we can assume this design is continued throughout the fins (however it seems impossible to tell due to the fins being quite tightly packed).

The accessories included are simply; Socket 775 & 1366 mounting plates, thermal paste and fan clips. This is quite a basic accessory kit, however, each piece feels very well made – especially the heatsink “clips” seen in the top right of the photo. The thermal paste included seems to be of good quality, however as to give the heatsink some comparison to other heatsinks, we’ll be using Tuniq TX-2 today.

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