PowerColor Radeon PCI-Express X300 series
Posted on: 13.11.2004 01:00:00

PowerColor Radeon PCI-Express X300 series


Tul PowerColor X300

Today we are looking at PCI Express the PowerColor X300 256mb, Although this card sits at the bottom end of the PCI express range with its Specs this should be equal or better than a fx5600 with 256mb. With most people asking is it worth upgrading, well hopefully after this review I would have gone some way to help you decide. 

In the box

As with the 9250 you are greeted with the pro-pack, Manual amd the card itself as well as a bunch of other little goodies. Lifting the cardboard surround in the box revealed the extra cables that come with the retail package. Let’s get it all out and take a look shall we.


As you can see from the photo included is a DVI connector, Svideo cable and a composite as well as a Svideo to composite converter. Everything in the package was in perfect condition with no damage. You have to give it to Tul as you wouldn’t expect half of this at the bottom of the GFX card ladder, but no with the X300 256MB from PowerColor you also get a few software extras with the Card.

Yes your eyes are not deceiving you this card comes with drivers, the same cyberlink software as the 9250 (details bellow) and the superb hitman contacts. Now that’s excellent, I can’t remember the last time I saw free games in something on the bottom rung. Anyway time to get the card out of its protective rapping and take a closer look.

The card itself is laid out in the normal way with memory chips above and bellow the GPU chip and the PCI-Express is connection is obvious. Just from comparing the connectors you can see the huge difference in the amount of connectors on slot part of the card.

The rear of the card is what I like to call a FullBacked card, which is my reference for a card with all the connections on the back plate. These include VGA, DVI and of coarse Svideo connections and lucky enough if you run a 2 monitor set up the DVI converter was included as pictured earlier.

The memory chips are stated 5ns speed and this X300 has 256mb of it. Ok it won’t break any speed records at only 200Mhz but 256mb should help it along a bit.


The GPU (core) is fan Cooled, to help cope with the core speed, which is… Wait for it… running at an amazing 325Mhz. Ok not truly amazing but when you think this is PowerColor’s lowest PCI-Express offering it is pretty impressive. But then again it is the versatile RV370 core and combined with PCI-Express speeds it has been given an almighty kick in the rear end. Before we install and test this card lets take a look at the specs.


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