PowerColor Radeon 9250 256MB
Posted on: 06.11.2004 01:00:00


PowerColor Radeon 9250 256MB 4/8x speed AGP Card


Tul PowerColor 9250


Today I am looking at PowerColor’s Radeon 9250 256MB, Tul are widely known as one of the leading suppliers of GFX boards in the industry and have been making quality cards for a while. Time to move on… 

In the box


Open the lid on the box and you are greeted with the ProPack, this is Standard in all PowerColor’s Cards and is where you will find the bundled software (software varies from card to card). Once you have lifted that you are greeted with the card itself, obviously rapped in protective antistatic rap. Let’s get the card and accessories out of the box.



Well you have probably gathered from the photo this card is suited for low profile PC’s as well and PowerColor have included the backplate to make it happen. Also included on the card side of things were the tvout cables, although most people use svideo out its good to see PowerColor include the svcd to composite cable a nice touch.



You wouldn’t expect too much to be bundled with a budget card but still as well as the drivers the 9250 with PowerPack comes with a full version of PowerDVD 5, PowerProducer 2 gold, PowerDirector 3 SE+ and Medi@show. Quite a nice bundle wouldn’t you say, enough of the bundled soft lets get back to the card.



The card itself is well laid out and by moving the Memory chips to the end of the board it makes the low profile. Although I don’t understand why they couldn’t of added a fan to that gfx block and put the core clock up a bit. I will test this myself at a later stage of the review to see if there will be any difference.



The rear of the card also sports the memory chips as well as the serials and part numbers. The back plate consists of a VGA, Svideo and a DVI connection and to me this is very welcome on the budget cards all in all the card is quite feature packed when you consider it’s in the lower price brand.

The memory chips are the Vdata variety and 256MB of them is going to give this card a hell of a boost compared to the normal 128MB versions of the 9250.



The GPU (core) is cooled passively, as I said earlier I don’t understand this as surely a fan on there would aid cooling and thus having a higher core speed. But I expect PowerColor have also tested this and thought the cost to performance gain was not worth it. Before I install the card let us have a look at the specs…


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