PowerColor PCS++ HD5770 Video Card
Posted on: 23.08.2010 01:00:00

Well what can I say, this test was an eye opener for me, I really expected much lower scores on the PowerColor PCS++ 5770 and I did not expect it in real game tests to actually be as close to the stock GTX 460 as it was. When you consider the difference in price it is quite an achievement really, Ok when overclocked the GTX 460 quite clearly is a better card than even the overclocked PCS++ 5770, but in reality not ever card buyer will overclock it, which brings me to the point.

PowerColor have a brilliant offering in the PCS++ 5770 card that will not break your bank and still enable you to play a lot of the latest and graphical games in a high res. Which for me makes this card easy to recommend to you.

A good solid performer that will fit a low budget in my opinion and well worth a look.



Reality Check: If you're currently in the market for a reasonably priced card, or simply want to add DX11 to your rig, the PowerColor PCS++ 5770 is worth a look without question, why the GTX 460 overclocked will take a bigger lead in performance over this card, when you look at the prices and cost per £/$ the PCS++ 5770 seems like a bargain really. A Good solid  performer that is worth its price.

Reviewed by Micky

Thanks to PowerColor for supplying the card for review.

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