PowerColor PCS++ HD5770 Video Card
Posted on: 23.08.2010 01:00:00

Inside the box we find the card in the usual static bag, while the presentation of this is not great the card is kept safe.

Having removed everything from the box we can see the contents, the only thing not on show is the Dirt2 game that is included. (I think one of the cheeky reviewers before me have nicked it) Luckily I have my own copy!

As you can see the PCS++ is identical to the PCS+ version of the card with the same low noise (better cooling I might add) cooler. Really when you think about the size of the card it is a baby compared to what we have got used to for mid range.

Looking at the card from either side shows you how dinky this cooler is, I would go as far as saying it reminds me of a low profile server cooler, it is not really small, but it is not what I would expect on a card with a 850Mhz core that is for sure.

At the front you can see the card needs a 6 pin power connector to get the juice it needs to run, I have to say again here just looking at the card it does not really look like much, especially with what we have come accustom to over the years.

At the rear of the card we have 2x DVI connectors a HDMI and a Display port connector for those of you interested in ATI Eyefinity use.

Finally, we come onto the rear of the PCB Pretty much a standard affair, with memory heat sinks that I cannot help looking at and being thrown back in time to when I put my first after market cooler on a 4800ti graphics card. Ok enough of the nostalgia and time to get on with benchmarking the card.

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