Pioneer DVR-116DBK DVD Burner
Posted on: 10.09.2008 01:00:00

I will be testing the Pioneer DVR-116BK with the following system.


AMD Phenom 9750

Cpu Cooling

Zerotherm Nirvana NV120 Premium

Supplied by Zerotherm.


Abit AX78

Supplied by Abit.

GFX Card

Nvidia 8600gts


Xfi Extreme Music

Main Memory

4GB Team Elite

Non-removable Disks

Seagate 80gb x2, Samsung 250gb

Optical Drives

“On Review


SilverStone LC20S-M

Supplied By SilverStone


OCZ Stealth Xtreme

Supplied By OCZ

On Review


Supplied by Pioneer.

To test the DVR-116BK I will be writing a number of disks, of various formats, to see how quickly and reliably the DVR-116BK burns them. All the disks will be burnt with Nero Express software. I will also be checking out the quality of the DVD playback from the DVR-116DBK, this will be somewhat subjective though as there is no real way to “measure” the quality of playback only to compare against my stand-alone DVD player.

Installing the DVR-116BK was a pretty straightforward affair the most awkward thing I had to do was plug the IDE cable in. This wasn’t caused by the drive just the tightness of my case. The drive its self is simply and easily screwed into the drive cage as per any other optical drive.

Once it was fitted into the drive cage I installed the cage and drives into the pc. As I mentioned before, once its fitted there is nothing to identify it as a Pioneer drive. Pictured here with a Pioneer Blu-Ray combi drive.

In use the DVR-116BK is pretty quiet, the first couple of minutes whilst watching a film it is a little louder than perhaps it should be but it soon slows down and therefore quieten down to inaudible noise levels. Picture quality whilst watching a DVD is very good and no less than I expect coming from an electronics giant like Pioneer, subjective I know but you will just have to take my word for it ;o).

Using Nero’s built in benchmark program we can see the DVR-116BK is within a few milliseconds of the quoted random access time etc. The disk I used was x16 speed hence the max speed of x16


Moving onto the burning capabilities of the DVR-116BK the first disk I tried was a x16 speed single layer DVD +R this I filled pretty much to capacity with mp3’s the theory being many small files would be a more difficult (slower?) task than fewer large files such as a film. The DVR-116BK breezed through the burning process and including verification took less than 15 minutes.

For the next test I burnt a dual layer 8.5GB –R disk, this was rated at x8 speed but Nero decided to burn it at x10 speed? Which, thankfully, worked ok. Obviously it took longer but then it was burning twice as much data at almost half the speed that said 8Gb+ still only took 26ish minutes including verification, which isn’t bad at all.

The next test I carried out was using an x8 speed DVD+RW, this burnt at the “correct” speed, and unusually it didn’t require formatting, maybe down to Nero? As you can see writing to a DVD+RW wouldn’t take any longer than writing to a normal disk of similar speed, assuming you can half the time of the dual layer DVD written earlier as a guesstimate.

I think that pretty much covers the DVD writing, the +R and –R disks are written at the same speed so its reasonable to assume the burn times for both would be comparable so its onto the CDR’s.

The first CDR was burnt at x40 speed, the max for the drive, and again I chose to do numerous small files over fewer large files. Unfortunately I accidentally skipped the screen where I take the screen shots so I popped another disk in, different make but still x52 and this time it burnt at x32?? This is probably more down to the disc I suspect. Even so it burnt and verified in 7 minutes, which isn’t too shabby for a full CD of data.

Finally onto the CDRW, this did burn at its rated speed of x32 and as expected was only marginally slower than burning a normal CD at this speed taking approximately 7.30s to burn the same data as the CD to the CDRW.

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