Pioneer Blu Ray / DVDRW (BDC-202BK)
Posted on: 13.10.2008 01:00:00

Today I am going to be looking at another product from a company that doesn’t immediately spring to mind when talking about the computer hardware industry. The company in question is Pioneer and the product is one of their new Blu Ray / DVDRW combi drive the BDC-202BK. Coming from a household name like Pioneer I expect nothing less than the best, even though Pioneer isn’t generally known for computer hardware.

Before moving onto the BDC-202BK here is some background on Pioneer, as taken from their website.

Business Ethics
To realize its group philosophy, "Move the Heart and Touch the Soul," Pioneer is committed to remaining at the vanguard of creating cutting-edge new markets. All directors and employees of the Pioneer Group will work as one to reach this goal. Furthermore, Pioneer aims to remain a trusted company in the eyes of the public by actively pursuing business activities as well as fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities.

Research and Development
As we move further into the 21st century, the environment of the electronics industry is changing rapidly. In the midst of such change, even more foresight and flexibility are required, particularly in research and development. R&D has been crucial to Pioneer's growth, creativity and leadership. Pioneer is putting emphasis mainly on the technological fields of flat-panel displays, high-density recording and playback, digital audio-visual and information technologies, and broadcasting and telecommunications.

Pioneering Spirit in Technological Development
Staying true to its Group Philosophy, "Move the Heart and Touch the Soul," Pioneer has brought numerous outstanding products to market ahead of other companies. Notably, about 30 years ago, Pioneer was first in the world to commercialise a laser disc system for home use. More recently, the company has unveiled products such as large-screen, high-resolution plasma displays.

Pioneer's high-quality fundamental and platform technologies make it possible to develop and manufacture such innovative and high-tech entertainment and electronic products. For example, Pioneer was able to develop plasma display panels because it had first developed laser disc systems. One of Pioneer's greatest strengths is its ability to find many commonalities in technologies for developing, analysing and evaluating the respective materials for these products, and in other areas such as ultra-fine processing technologies. Based on technologies we have developed up to now, Pioneer will continue to leverage foresight and flexibility to develop imaginative products that best fit the lifestyle of the new century.

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