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Posted on: 11.07.2004 01:00:00


Part-1-In the box

PinnaclePCTV-USB2 price 64.99

Today we will be looking at the PCTV-USB2 from Pinnacle so first lets get on with the contents and packaging.

The Packaging it self is well thought out, although maybe oversized but this is not a bad point as it means the actual hardware is well protected.

SO Whats Actually in the pack

As you can see included in this package is A fairly decent sized remote(wont be loosing that to quickly) a set of batteries for the remote, a USB Cable, the main unit itself, installation cd and of coarse the instructions. All of these were in perfect condition with no damage.

Lets take a closer look at the device it self.

As You can see from the photo the front of the unit has a Audio In line, composite, svideo and the all important IR receiver.

On the back we have the USB port and the RF (aerial connection).

Ok enough of that lets get on with installation and specs


  • External Hi-Speed USB TV tuner, compatible with both analogue cable and antenna TV

  • Play, pause and rewind TV (Time-shifting technology)

  • Watch TV in a resizable window or full-screen mode

  • Real-time de-interlacing and noise-filter for best-in-class video quality

  • View programmes broadcast in 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios

  • Easy-to-use features including multi-channel preview grid

  • Easy set-up with automatic channel scan


  • Record in MPEG1 and DV format with no file size restrictions

  • Time-Shifting (delayed viewing) in MPEG1 formats

  • Use your PC like a digital VCR to schedule recordings of your favourite programmes

  • Capture high-quality still images from live video

  • Copy video footage from a VCR, camcorder or DVD player to your hard drive

  • Burn recordings to VCD, SVCD* and DVD*

* MPEG2 capture and Time Shift with presets for Super VCD and DVD can be activated online at the Pinnacle Shop at an additional cost. 

Activation of PCTV USB2s MPEG2 functionality enhances the product feature set as follows:

  • Hard-disk recording in MPEG2 format of live TV or from external video sources that are connected to your PCTV (e.g. VCR, DVD player, Cable TV set-top box). Given presets are DVD, DVD Longplay and SuperVCD. Additionally, the settings can be defined by the user according to his preferences.

  • Time-Shifting (delayed viewing) in MPEG2 formats

  • SuperVCD and DVD burning with your PCs CD- or DVD-writer.

  • Playback of MPEG2 files by drag-and-drop into the PCTV Vision video window.

Technical Specifications:


  • PCTV USB2 external TV tuner with hyperband cable TV support

  • Hi-Speed USB compliant cable, length ca. 1.8m/6ft

  • Infra-red remote control transmitter

  • 2 AA batteries for transmitter


  • PCTV Vision WatchTV and PVR application

  • PCTV Assistant

  • HTML documents on support, service, warranty and registration


  • CD-ROM with drivers, applications, user's manual

  • Quick start guide

Minimum System Requirements:

  • PC with Pentium III or Athlon 1GHz or Celeron/Duron 1.2GHz

  • 1 free Hi-Speed USB compatible port

  • 256MB of RAM

  • E-IDE hard disk with min. 5GB free space

  • DirectX 8 (or higher) compatible graphics controller

  • DirectX 9 (or higher) compatible sound controller

  • CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive

  • Mouse

Yep the first thing I would like to point out is this device is only USB2 compatible and not backwards with 1.1, the reason for this is to maintain the quality buy utilizing the bandwidth of USB2.

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