PC Power & Cooling Silencer 610W PSU
Posted on: 02.06.2008 01:00:00

When it comes to building a new computer choosing a power supply is often the last thing that is done, and because the rest of the budget has already been set aside on other components, people go for the cheapest one they can find for the right wattage. Not a lot of people know that total wattage is not the most important factor, but it is in fact the Amps available on each rail, in modern computers the 12v rail is key. So when next buying a power supply be sure to check out the amps instead of the wattage. If you want a decent power supply you won’t go wrong with PCP&C.

Unfortunately you will pay a premium over other PSUs that aren’t built as well, but when you consider that if your PSU blows it can take out everything it is connected to as well, surely it’s worth paying for that peace of mind. The Silencer 610W can be found for around £5/$10 cheaper than the seasonic and corsair PSU and for me that makes it a winner.

PC Power and cooling have the brand reputation for a reason. They make top quality power supplies again and again time after time. The silencer 610W is no exception, and I could go on filling this conclusion with what makes this power supply so great, but instead I will simply give it the award it deserves. Minor aesthetic quirks aside, this PSU deserves our platinum award.

• Near silent operation
• Rock steady voltage rails
• Single 12v rail so Amps aren’t wasted (vs multi rail)
• Plenty of connectors
• Efficient (Saves money)
• Cool running
• No marketing hype on box or psu

• Slightly short 8pin 12v aux cable
• Unsleeved cable ends
• Longer than ‘normal’ ATX PSU

Reality Check: despite a few small cons it seems to be for top notch PSUs, PC Power & Cooling are where it’s at. No nonsense boxes, with no nonsense PSUs inside that do a kick ass job.

Reviewed by Dan

Thanks to PC Power & Cooling for supplying the PSU

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