NZXT Phantom 410 Tower
Posted on: 30.08.2012 11:17:23

Installation in this case is a rather hit and miss affair, most components are a doddle to fit with one very crucial exception, the HSS/SSD trays.

The HDD trays, as now widely known, are pretty badly designed with unnecessary struts directly in the way of cables from a mounted SSD. Although NZXT fixed this in the newer Switch 810, they are yet to roll this out to newer production runs of the Phantom 410.

This one factor proved a massive headache in what would have been a simple install with a stock of 90deg SATA cables being rendered useless by the strut of doom as we have come to call it in the office.

Longer form PSUs will fit in the Phantom 410 as will the slightly wider than standard Enermax Platimax and Maxrevo PSUs.

Optical drives are a push in press latch affair although there is a tiny bit of play on the right hand side of the chassis that could cause some vibration and unwarranted noise.


Despite the ultra-modern styling and some very impressive features the Phantom 410 falls slightly short of being perfect. The HDD tray design is a huge mistake, although word in the NZXT grape vine suggests that the revised trays used in the Switch 810 may be making it in to the Phantom 410 soon

HDD trays aside this is a fine case and a great addition to any up and coming enthusiasts build, the plastics have a slightly cheap feel but this is purely a tactile affair and has no bearing on appearance.




Reality Check: NZXT have produced a winning case with the Phantom 410 and a worthy product to keep on with the Pedigree set by the original Phantom. Well priced and feature packed we have no trouble awarding the NAXT Phantom 410 a Silver award had the HDD bays been more cable friendly I would have given the case our gold award, but as that was not the case the Silver is awarded.

Reviewed by Toby

Thanks to NZXT for supplying the case

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