Noctua NH-U12P - 1366 CPU cooler
Posted on: 15.10.2009 01:00:00

The mounting plates are attached to the motherboard which means you donít have to have three hands to hold the motherboard, backplate and cooler. Once on the cooler can be screwed into the mounts on the motherboard.

The cooler mount mechanism provides a secure mount with even pressure via the spring tension screws. The silicon noise/vibration dampening strips are applied to the edges of the cooler to stop fan vibration making more noise.

The fans are clipped on and weíre good to go. Letís get on with the testing.

The cooler has the same clearance as before, and hereís another case where itís a close fit but doesnít require any bending or brute force to get the door back on.

And hereís the setup fully installed

Here is the test rig, and testing methodology:

Testing and Results

The coolers were measured at idle and at load, the idle temperatures were taken after the computer had sat at the desktop doing nothing for 30 minutes, and the load temperatures were taken while running ORTHOS for 30 minutes. Temperatures were recorded using SpeedFan

The results were then calculated as the difference (delta) between the ambient temperature and the idle/load temperature to erase differences in room temperature affecting the results. Delta Temps Explained Here

Well the NH-U12P 1366 seems to have done just as well as the NH-U12P did on LGA775, it jumps straight to the top of the LGA1366 coolers that we have tested. Even though intel processors generally use very little power during idle, itís still a difference enough for the Noctua cooler to jump a couple of degrees ahead of the competition.

And putting the heat up on load just lets the NH-U12P 1366 run away from the other coolers tested here even more. Itís close to being twice as good as the stock Intel cooler (this one was pushing 80oC on the CPU we had!), so if youíre running on a stock Intel cooler itís going to make a huge difference to get an aftermarket cooler.

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