Noctua NH-U12P - 1366 CPU cooler
Posted on: 15.10.2009 01:00:00

Inside the box we find the cooler, fan mounts, and LGA1366 socket mount.

The fan mounting kit comes with adhesive rubber vibration dampening strips, a long screwdriver, thermal paste, low noise adaptors, metal case badge, and fan clips.

The LGA1366 socket mount comes in its own box complete with instructions on installation.

The mount has everything you need to firmly secure this cooler to the LGA1366 socket, complete with backplate for an evenly distributed tension across the motherboard (without straining the motherboard)

The main part of the cooler is identical to the NH-U12P before it (as one would expect really, as all that was advertised as changed is the mounting mechanism.

The base of the cooler has the same semi-dull ‘grainy’ surface as before, which I’m convinced must work better with noctua’s own NT-H1, but it doesn’t seem to have adverse results on other thermal pastes.

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