Noctua NF-N12 PWM 120mm fan
Posted on: 23.02.2012 09:42:58

Noctua have once again proved their abilities in sound and performance, improving on their existing NF-P12 design, the F12 is able to provide greater cooling abilities at the same low (inaudible) noise level. Well done Noctua! The only downside (as ever with Noctua’s) is the price. At around £19-£23 a piece online, these fans aren’t cheap, price at around 2-3 times that of their competitors. However, the Noctua’s do come with a 6 year guarantee and are built to a higher quality than other fans I have dealt with in my time.

It’s clear that whilst the price is high, this fan will last – and it certainly is ahead in terms of noise & performance against its competitors. If you want the quietest rig, with good cooling performance – and get what you pay for Noctua has you covered.



Reality Check: Got a media rig which needs silencing, or looking to game late at night when others are sound asleep? The Noctua NF-F12 provides plenty of cooling with little if any noise.

Reviewed by Snubbsy

Thanks to Noctua for supplying the product for review

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