Nexus Value 430 Watt (Eco) PSU
Posted on: 01.04.2009 01:00:00

Opening the box we find it has a little extra packing inside but not a great deal, but even so the box its self is nice and sturdy so the Nexus Value 430 is reasonably well protected. Note mains power lead is not included, it IS a “value” power supply so they have to make a few cutbacks.

Removing the Nexus Value 430 from its box and we get our first proper look at it. As expected from the outside it looks almost like any generic power supply as it has no fancy finish, just a plain zinc coating, but the sleeved cables and 120mm fan reassure you it is far from any generic power supply. It is also heavy for its size and as anyone in the know will inform you the weight of a power supply is a reasonable indicator to its quality, heavier the better.

Moving around the Nexus Value 430 we find the usual sticker on the side carrying the specifications. Quad 20amp 12v rails are quite beefy for a power supply of this rating.

The rear of the Nexus Value 430 is basically one big vent to allow the 120mm fan to expel as much warm air as possible whilst keeping noise down to a minimum. That’s about all I can show you around the power supply its self, onto the cables.

As previously mentioned the cables are sleeved from the power supply all the way to the final connector on the cable, this is something even high-end power supplies don’t necessarily do. The cables seem to be of ample length so the Nexus Value 430 should be at home in all but the largest of cases. The included connections are as follows: -

Motherboard connections clearly marked as 20 and 4 way.

The first pci Express power connection, 6+2 way, again very clearly marked as to what its intended use is.

I was a little surprised to find another, 6 way, pci express power connector but there are indeed 2. I am not entirely sure I would want to use the Nexus Value 430 on a system running a graphics card that needed 2 pci express power connections such as a GTX 260 / Ati 4870 or a dual card set up. Nexus obviously think it is capable though.

Onto the drive cables, first up are the sata power cables. There are two identical cables giving a total of 4 sata power connections. Again these are sleeved up to the final connector and seem of ample length.

Finally there are the Molex power cables, again there are 2 cables one of which carries the floppy drive power connector on the end, pictured. These cables give a total of 6 Molex connections.

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