Nexus Silent Caterpillar Case
Posted on: 02.06.2008 01:00:00

Opening the box we find a good amount of protection for the Nexus Caterpillar in the form of polystyrene top and bottom of the case to protect it from knocks and such like and a bag to keep the dust and dirt out.

Removing the case from the packaging we get our first look at it in the flesh. Other than the mesh grill, the power switch, power / hard drive led’s and the Nexus logo on the front it is remarkably featureless, at first glance.

Watch video bellow for action

The top half of the meshed part of the front panel is actually a sliding door (which closes by its self if not latched down) that when open reveals the 5 ¼” bays and the 3½” in bay. The reset switch is also located behind this panel, next to the 3½” slot.

Above the 5¼” bays is a push to open push to close style panel which when opened reveals the external input output connections. It requires a firm push on the door to open and close it, it took me a couple of attempts to work out how to open it at first as I don’t like to get too heavy handed straight away.

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