Nexus RX-5300 530W PSU
Posted on: 04.03.2010 01:00:00

No surprise really but the Nexus RX-5300 is another top notch power supply. Everything my test system could throw at the RX-5300 was water off a ducks back and I have no doubt systems quite a bit more power hungry would see the same effect too. In use it is effectively silent, I cannot hear it over the rest of the fans in my set up and as mentioned before the fans in my test rig are by no means loud. The RX5300 is quite pleasing on the eye though the pattern on the braiding will no doubt not appeal to everyone

The cheapest I could find the RX-5300 at the time of writing this review was around £80, this may sound a lot BUT it is modular, which always adds a bit extra and it is a high quality power supply and you get what you pay for and is priced competitively the competition.

As I have said before power supplies are not all made the same, if you use a cheap power supply, be prepared for a complete rebuild should it fail.

As with its non modular stable mate I looked at recently, which I suspect carries the same internals? I really cannot fault the RX-5300 itís a very capable performer, it looks nice with its semi gloss finish and modular sleeved cables, its rock solid under load, on my system and I suspect much more powerful systems would be ok too.



Reality Check: A high quality modular power supply at a competitive price.† If you are looking for a mid range modular power supply, then look no further the Nexus RX-5300 is what you need, definitely RECOMMENDED.

Reviewed by Mac

MANY thanks to Nexus for supplying the Nexus RX-5300 for review.

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