Nexus RX-5300 530W PSU
Posted on: 04.03.2010 01:00:00

There are 2 ATX power connections , a 4 way and a 4+4 way, on the RX5300, this is mainly of use to server motherboards / motherboards which use multiple CPU’s but having both does mean your “normal” user can choose which one to use rather than having to split a 4+4 or “making do” with a 4 way.

The final fixed cable is a PCI Express cable. This may seem a bit odd seeing as there are dual PCI Express connectors for modular cables but there is a reason, this reason being the PCI Express cable that is fixed to the RX5300 is in fact a 6+2 way for the newer graphics cards, the modular outputs on the RX5300 are only 6 way. The cable is clearly labelled so you shouldn’t get it mixed up with the 8 way AXT cable.

Moving onto the modular cables there are basically 3 different types, first is the PCI Express 6 way cable. This is colour coded yellow one end as this end can only fit into the power supply end. Couple this with the attached PCI Express power cable and you can run a single high power graphics card or dual mid power cards.

Next is one of two cables which have the Sata power connections on, there are three Sata power connections on each cable giving a total of 6 sata power connections which should be ample for most people. Again the connector which plugs into the RX5300 is white so will only plug into the white outputs on the power supply.

The final power cable is the Molex / Floppy power cable, again we have two of these cables each with 3 Molex power connectors and a Floppy drive style power connector on, again this should be able for most users. The Molex connectors are the type that you squeeze to remove them, much nicer to use than the type you struggle to remove.

The RX-5300 doesn’t come with a mains lead, like its stable mat I looked at recently so you will either need to reuse an old one or, if you don’t already have one, purchase one separately.

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