Nexus RX-5300 530W PSU
Posted on: 04.03.2010 01:00:00

Like itís non modular brethren the RX-5300 comes in a cellophane wrapped simply styled retail box, with a useful handle, with just the Nexus name / logo and power rating along with a picture of the unit standing on its side showing the rear vent and fan.

As is the norm with most things the rear of the box carries a detailed rundown on the specifications and features of the enclosed hardware. The most useful to prospective customers is the power ratings of the RX5300, which I am pleased to say is present.

The only other information of interest to potential customers is found on one of the ends of the box. This information is in the form of two graphs, one is an efficiency graph showing the RX5300 never dropping below 80%+ efficiency and the other is a noise against fan speed graph.

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