Nexus NX5000 R3 530W PSU
Posted on: 15.12.2009 01:00:00

The NX-5000 R3 comes in a cellophane wrapped simply styled retail box, with just the Nexus name / logo and power rating along with a there quarter picture of the unit on the front showing the rear vent and fan.

The rear of the box carries the usual specification / features, which I find a little confusing as it seems to suggest the NX-5000 R3 has modular and sleeved cables, but there is no mention of it being modular elsewhere? I guess I will find out soon enough. The ratings of the power rails is also found on the back of the box and this is possibly the info potential users will most likely be looking for.

The only other information of interest on the box are the graphs showing efficiency and fan speed against noise. The other side’s of the box carry smaller pictures similar to that on the front of the box.

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