Nexus NX5000 R3 530W PSU
Posted on: 15.12.2009 01:00:00

For this review I will be looking at a new power supply from a company that was once better known for its cooling solutions than power supplies, this is changing now though. The company is Nexus and the power supply I will be looking at for this review is the 530watt NX-5000 R3.

Coming from Nexus, and having looked at their power supplies before, I expect nothing short of rock solid.

Before moving onto the 530watt NX-5000 R3 power supply here is some information about Nexus, as taken from the Nexus website.

Nexus Technology BV was established in 2000 by a group of experts on heat conductivity and noise reduction in the computer industry. The founders built up an in depth knowledge and experience in heat conductivity issues and thermal characteristics by working closely with many of the larger pc manufacturers for several years.

The idea to have a full line up of high quality computer components to improve the working environment by reducing noise levels bought the founders together. Continuously developing products to reduce noise levels and consequently improve heat conductivity and airflow.

Our Goal: - Building a strong and reliable trademark for silent computing.

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