Nexus NHP-2200 Silent North Bridge Cooler
Posted on: 12.05.2007 01:00:00

Opening the packaging we get our first proper look at the Nexus NHP-2200 and I have to say on first impression very nice it looks too, a little larger than I expected but then being a passive heat pipe cooler I guess it needs to be quite large.

Digging a little deeper into the box we find and installation manual, in several languages, some mounting screws, a mounting pad and a syringe of thermal paste, which should be plenty for numerous applications.

Removing the Nexus NHP-2200 from its and taking a closer look at it the finish on the fins is impeccable and they have a mirror like finish.

The fins are quite thin, less than 1 mm so they should conduct heat away quite well.

Moving to the business end of the Nexus NHP-2200 the contact area is well protected which is always good to see. Any damage here and the cooler might not make decent contact with the chip its mounted on therefore it wont be able to cool as well as it should.

Removing the protection and we can see the base is reasonably shiny, though I have seen smother on CPU coolers.

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