NesteQ ASM Xzero 600w PSU
Posted on: 25.01.2010 01:00:00

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For this review I will be looking at a power supply from a company that must admit I am unfamiliar with and that company is Nesteq and the power supply under review is the Nesteq ASM Xzero 600w. The ASM Xzero 600w comes to us via our friends at Quiet PC so I have every faith that it is nothing but a very high quality item.

Before taking a look at the ASM Xzero 600w here is some information about Nesteq, as taken from the Nesteq website.

“NesteQ is a young and creative team, with focus on high-end industrial design and hi-performance power supply manufacturing.

NesteQ will keep coming up with sufficient products with creative and revolutionary functions to retain your winning edge in the market. Join NesteQ to the journey to reach perfect PC solutions.”

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