NEC MultiSync 70GX2 17inch LCD
Posted on: 14.04.2006 01:00:00

NEC have a released a little gem here and I have to say it certainly impressed me, the sharpness and color reproduction on the GX2 series was much better than I had expected, so much so that after returning the monitor I went hunting for prices. Our editor Rich was even over and was impressed with it ( I had fractured arm so it was only a sympathy visit I bet :P ) and this is a guy that swears he would never use a LCD for gaming. Not once did he complain about any ghosting while taking a look at it and believe me for that to happen it has to be one pretty special LCD, If you are in the market for a LCD for gaming don’t overlook the GX2 series from NEC, superb picture reproduction, and a nice design. They could of improved the Vesa mounting screw placement, but all that aside when this monitor was collected after the loan I went out and purchased one within a week and that should speak volumes itself. Highly recommended

• Excellent color reproduction
• Nice design
• Cable tidy stand
• Performed well across all games
• Easy to use and setup
• DVI cable in the box
• (lol impressed our editor)

• Awkward to remove stand
• Price may be a bit high for some

Reviewed by Phantom

Thanks to NEC for Supplying the monitor for review

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