Nanovision MiMo UM-710 - 7" USB Monitor
Posted on: 24.07.2009 01:00:00

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Today, for this review, I will be looking at something a bit different, that is a Mini Monitor from Nanovision, Iíll let you work out where they chose the name, that is connected by a single USB lead and nothing else using the technology designed by Display Link. The monitor I will be looking at is the MiMo UM-710.

Before moving onto the MiMo UM710 here is a little back ground info on Nanovision, taken from the Nanovision website.

After being founded in 2002 Nanovision has solely focused on LCD panels and modules over the course of several years has received the Venture Company and ISO 9001 certification and enjoyed substantial technical growth after the establishment of the companies research centre.

With its advanced technology and business expertise, Nanovision successfully attracted investments from KDB, IBK and Centurion Technology Venture Corporation. In March 2007 Nanovision was certified as an Inno-Biz Mid/Small sized company and selected as one of Kyunggi-doís Promising Mid/Small sized companies in September of the same year.

In June of 2008, thanks to the explosive development, Nanovision relocated to newly built factory and main offices in Cheonan in Choongnam Province. Thus establishing the base for a more sustainable management operation. Nanovision is gearing up with a more systematic and distinguished management to achive its mid and long term vision as a total display company based on the improvement of of production and quality of products.

With the LCD manufacturing technology accumulated over the past years Nanovision is working hard to become the first and best to develop new products and attain the largest market share in the world.

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