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The shell of the PSU is aluminium but it is anodized, which means that there is a coloured coating.† The effect is very nice, with a kind of shiny-yet-not silver effect.† The things to notice about the exterior are the heatsink, LCD and lack of any cables.† The heatsink sticks out the back and is clearly made of copper with heatpipes through it.† The LCD I will look at later during testing.

The modular cables are becoming more and more common amongst high end PSUís, and are very popular with good reason.† No more unused cables!††† On the left there is also an array of LEDís, each one indicates usage on the separate voltage lines.

The cables you get should be more than enough for most people. 2 cables with 1 floppy connector and 2 Molex connectors (each), 1 cable with a PCI-E connector, 1 cable with both the PCI-E connector and the 4-pin power connector, 1 cable with 2 four-pin molex connectors, 1 cable with 2 SATA Connectors and 1 cable with an adaptable 24/20 pin ATX. What is most likely to cause a problem for users these days is the 2 x SATA connectors.† A lot of serious gamers have RAID arrays on SATA drives, and with most motherboards now having 4 x SATA ports standard, I would think that PSU manufacturers would have to meet that level too.† A simple adapter can solve this problem, however it is something for XG to think about for next time.

The ATX Connector

SATA Connectors

6-pin PCI-E and 4-pin ATX/P4 connectors on one cable

Single PCI-E connector

The Molex connectors, 2 of which have floppy connectors

I will note that these cables are temp, and XG informed me the cables that should of shipped with the Magnum (identical to the Ultra Modular PSU) had fitting problems with some motherboards and were scrapped at the last minute so I can not promise these will be the cables shipped with the PSU

Inside the unit we can see the heatpipe layout connecting the copper heatsinks inside the PSU to the external heatsink.† Behind them is the slim 80mm fan, which only activates when the temperature gets high enough. The entire construction is extremely solid , and the copper heatsinks are very impressive.† The components are good quality, with Rubycon capacitors and other quality brands.

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