Posted on: 30.12.2005 01:00:00

XG has been in the works since the beginning of the new millennium. After hard work and considerable deliberation by MGE developers, we decided to launch the XG brand. Our plan was to create a brand for hardcore PC gamers that would feature a full range of case modding to satisfy a modder's needs. The goal was to create a brand by using the demographics that the brand was aimed at: Gamers. That's right, XG was built BY gamers FOR gamers.

In 2003 XG unleashed onto the community by using more of an underground approach and selling PC accessories and gaming cases.

Focused on a raw and rebellious style, XG reaches out to the gamer audience by luring them with an aggressive look. Aesthetics play an important role as well as exceptional performance in XG products. XG goes out of its way to introduce products that no other competition can compete with.

XG works hard to create products that woo and awe while embedding a sense of style and trendiness to the gaming world. XG strongly believes in quality, performance and unique designs that no other competition can compare or compete to. XG stands for Extreme Gamer. That is what we are all about; giving the best possible product and performance to every Extreme Gamer out there.

Power supplies are one area where XG have gone out there to provide an Extreme solution, and today at Xtremecomputing we have one of these, the Magnum 500W PSU. 

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