Luxa2 LM200 (LVA20012N1Z) HTPC Case
Posted on: 10.09.2009 01:00:00

Removing the lid I was a little surprised to see the LM200 was basically a shell with a shelf across it. I am not entirely sure why but I was expecting drive bays etc as per any normal chassis. All of the cables and the box (which I will come to later) were securely fastened down so nothing could rattle around and potentially damage the exposed connectors and circuit boards of the front panel.

The view of the inside front, all cables tied down with twisted wire wraps or wrapped up in elastic bands. The shelf is where the hard drives and optical drive is mounted. The square ďpadsĒ are plastic sheets which I assume are to insulate the hard drive circuit boards from the metal shelf. As the insides of the case are basically featureless thatís all I can show you so onto the cables.

After untying the cables I quickly came to the conclusion, possibly to save on the cost of making extra cables, Luxa raided the parts bin and used cables from a full tower case as they are huge.

All cables are labelled to make connecting them easier, except the one for the card reader, which is obvious, as it goes to the card reader pcb?

USB and Firewire.


Card Reader,† Power and Hard Drive activity Ledís.

Power switch cable.

USB connection for Front Panel Display.

The final cable is the motherboard power insert cable, this is needed to enable the use of the remote control to power it up, hence the cable exiting the picture at the bottom.

No I havenít missed the reset switch connector out, there isnít one. For some reason Luxa2 havenít included one?

Onto the contents of the little cardboard box.

The mandatory collection of screws and pillars, the long pillars will be used for mounting the motherboard also, as the centre of the bottom of the case has been raised you need longer pillars at the rear of the case.

Driver / software CD, for the front panel display and remote control.

To go with the driver disk installation instructions.

Also included in the box is a duster, to keep your pride and joy looking as good as the day it left the factor.

The final item out of the box is the included remote control. This is a ďstandardĒ Imon control apart from the Luxa2 logo and covers all of the functions you could want. It has the media buttons at the top play, pause, fast forward etc. The next section is the mouse / keyboard functions. The centre of this section is a joypad affair and allows you to control the mouse. The buttons around the outside are left and right mouse buttons, enter key, space and back space to name a few of the functions. Moving down the remote the next section is where we find the volume and channel up / down keys as well as the eject, mute and application launching and task switching keys.

The big red key in the centre launches the Imon software.† Below that section is the number pad, pretty self explanatory type in a channel number and, assuming you are watching live TV, and the channel will switch to the selected one. The final section includes the ďvideo / music / pictures / TVĒ buttons, I presume pressing these will take you straight to the selected option within either the Imon software or media centre. Also in this section are the Bookmark / Thumbnail / Zoom and Full Screen buttons, again pressing these would I assume perform the selected task, the only one that isnít particularly clear is Thumbnail? The final row of buttons includes DVD / Menu / Subtitle / Audio. These would perform the said task whilst watching a DVD, i.e. switch subtitles on / off, change audio track etc.

Thatís about everything covered so itís time to get a system in there.

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