Luxa2 LM200 (LVA20012N1Z) HTPC Case
Posted on: 10.09.2009 01:00:00

Today I will be looking at a product from a manufacturer that, until recently, I had never heard of, sort of. I say sort of because the manufacturer is Luxa2, whom I have never heard of, but they are a division of Thermaltake, whom I am pretty sure most computer enthusiasts will know of. The product I will be looking at is a luxury media centre case in the shape of the LM200. Coming from Luxa2, the luxury arm of Thermaltake, I have VERY high expectations.

Before taking a look at the LM200 here is a little about Luxa as taken from their website.

LUXA2, a Division of Thermaltake, was created in 2009, with characteristics of simplicity, luxury, and unique lifestyle. The core design theory of LUXA2 starts from simple shapes blending with luxury elements, which create the unique lifestyle for different segments within the society such as Creative Pro, Mobile Blogger, Leisure Seeker, Hip Newbie, Entertainment Junkie, and Apple's Mac Lovers.

LUXA2 represent an emerging trend of "individuality" in the world. Not only do people need function, but they also need aesthetic appeal. This is what LUXA2 has achieved. Exquisite craftsmanship with aesthetic and elegant design style is a promise and commitment from LUXA2. Thus, the Simplicity, Luxury and Lifestyle of LUXA2 create a Uniquely You.

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