LiteON iHAS524 24x DVD writer with Label flash
Posted on: 02.08.2010 01:00:00

Included in the box is the DVD-RW, a SATA cable, a copy of Nero Essentials 8, an instruction manual and a simplistic safety notice.

And here is the drive itself - actually quite a small one. I quite like the top of it too - that indented circular bit. However, you're unlikely to see this - so I assume it is a technical thing rather than there for ascetic reasons.

Front on, this drive clearly displays its brand name and abilities - unlike some drives, it actually has LiteONs name on it.

A little "internals" type shot.

On the rear we can see this drive uses SATA data + power cables, rather than the older and larger IDE/Molex standard.

This picture shows just how short the drive is - it is only 17cm deep - quite small compared to some drives. This makes it ideal for a media-centre PC where space is limited.


Here we can see the top and bottom of the DVD-RW. Now that we've looked at the drive, let's see how it fares during testing.

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