Lian Li PC-7 Plus Aluminum case
Posted on: 29.01.2006 01:00:00

Lian Li have been making aluminium computer cases since time began… well… since my computer building time began.  In 1993 Lian-Li started to bring some style and much-needed weight loss to a world of heavy beige steel.  I, for one, remember drooling over the original Lian-Li cases over 10 years ago.

Lian Li are still making aluminium chassis’, as well as all other types of aluminium enclosures for the PC market, for servers, rack mount and even high-end aluminium desks.

Today Lian Li have given us at Xtremecomputing one of their mid-range cases – the PC-7 Plus, a midi tower with a little bit extra… lets see what it has in store.

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